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Bhangra is a high-energy power dance which hails from the Punjab region of North India. It is believed to originate in the 15th century, but according to some sources, it may be even older. Traditionally, farmers would perform Bhangra to celebrate the onset of the harvest season in April. Soon, Bhangra became a part of many other celebrations, including weddings. In Punjab and the rest of India, Bhangra is still immensly popular with most schools having Bhangra as an extracurricular activity. With the migration of Punjabis to other, primarily Commonwealth nations, Bhangra has also become very popular outside India, especially in the USA. Universities and other institutions in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia regularly hold Bhangra competitions.

Bhangra music is known for its strong dhol beats which make it difficult not to dance. A dhol is a two-sided barrel drum which was originally used by the Sikhs during war, but later evolved into a key instrument during celebration.

Bhangra is a joyful dance where performers constantly smile and spread the joy to the audience. Bhangra practice is a great workout where you burn loads of calories while having fun. It's an excellent way to improve your balance (as many moves are done on one foot), strenght, agility and stamina.

Bhangra is for everyone; young as old, girls as boys. We periodically offer classes or workshops in Bhangra, so keep checking, as more information about future workshops will be up on this website.


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