Bollywood classes

Pooja's Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Academy




This class is suitable for you if you have no prior experience (or little experience) with Bollywood dance. You will introduced to the basics of Bollywood dance.


Wednesdays 17.15-18.15 at Arnbergs Dansstudio



Lätt fortsättning (1): In this class, you will learn a complete dance to a Bollywood film song. The emphasis shifts to hip movements and basic hand movements. You will also learn semi-classical dance moves.


Fortsättning (2): In this class, you will be introduced to hand-mudraas (gestures) and body postures which originate from classical Indian dance. This is an intensive class where we strive for perfection in every dance move.


Tuesdays at 18.45-20.00 (1) and 20.00-21.15 (2) at Arnbergs Dansstudio



Dancers who perform well are welcome to join the Bollywood Showgirls group. As part of this group, you may be offered to do on-stage performances at vairous events.


Mondays at 18.30 - 20.30 at Ungdommens Hus, Norra Skolgatan 10B, REGISTER on

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